Groups are a great way to engage in community support around a specific topic or issue. Often, meeting and connecting with other people who share similar experiences is deeply healing. The groups I offer are sacred spaces where people come together to share their stories, seek support, and deepen their understanding of the importance of human connection.

Current Groups

No groups at this time.


Many people don't know that most insurance companies will reimburse out-of-network therapy services at between 50% and 100%. While I can't accept insurance directly, I can help you request reimbursement if your are eligible.  Contact your insurance company directly to learn more about their reimbursement policy.

Therapy Services

I offer one-on-one therapy for individuals seeking support with a variety of issues. While I work with a broad range of people and issues, I am particularly skilled in the areas of gender identity & expression, sexual identity, sex & intimacy, and intimate partnerships.


Contrary to popular belief, partnership takes much more than just love. It takes work! I help couples and intimate partners do the work that is necessary to move through issues of connection and communication, sex and intimacy, infidelity, life transitions, relationship repair, and relationship dissolution. I work from a sex-positive perspective, and I am LGBTQIA, kink, and poly-affirmative.


Couples & Intimate Partners